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For decades, model trains have brought fun and happiness to both young and old alike. A starter train set under the christmas tree often evolved into a lifetime passion. Layouts can be a simple oval track or consume an entire den, garage, or basement. Hobbyists can spend their every waking hour, and large sums of money, building elaborate life-like model railroads.
No other hobby offers an almost unlimited opportunity to use your imagination for creating something totally unique to your personal interests and desires. As your experience grows, you will learn carpentry skills, understand electrical systems, perform historical research, and apply your artistic talents in creating scenery, buildings, mountains, tunnels and more.

Lionel New 6-17558 With 2 brown sedans "9823-8"

Lionel New 6-17558 With 2 brown sedans "9823-8"

Price: $22.00 (0 Bids)
Time Left: 30m
DPM (HO Scale) 100 Series Kits #11000 -- Townhouse #2 - NIB

DPM (HO Scale) 100 Series Kits #11000 -- Townhouse #2  - NIB

Price: $18.85 (0 Bids)
Time Left: 31m

The Model Railroad hobby is divided into a few main categories. First, there's Scale Model Railroading where the objective is to duplicate a real-life railroad from a specific period in time. Next, Toy Trains are enjoyed by children and adults alike. Many collectors have accumulated significant collections of toy trains worth thousands of dollars. Finally, there's Garden Railroading where large scale model trains are built rugged enough for outdoor use and enjoyment.

Trains, tracks, buildings, and scenery are available in several "scales". Each scale is in approximate proportion to its real-life counterpart. For example, O scale is 1:48 of life size and is typical of Lionel trains. Other popular scales include HO Scale, G Scale, N Scale, and Z Scale. While scale and guage are often used interchangeably, the terms refer to two different measurements. "Gauge" refers to the distance between the rails of the tracks while "Scale" is the models size in comparison to the real thing.

Many model railroad enthusiasts choose to create elaborate landscaping and scenery or to duplicate an actual town or historical location as it may have appeared years ago. Kits are available for adding buildings, scenery, people, and lighting to for a sense of realism to a layout. Over time, hobbyists often increase their skills and hand make buildings, trees, tunnels and mountains paying particular attention to every detail.

Whether you're looking for that first train set, a rare collectible, or just want to know how to get started, you're sure to find what you need here at Model Train Bargains.

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