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Electric train sets are great fun and can provide hours of entertainment for kids and adults alike. People collect them, or just like to have them running around their house. Most “Complete Electric Toy Train Sets” come complete and ready to run, meaning they have a track and power pack with them.

Other sets you can buy do not include all those things so the first step in picking out a electric train set is so make sure everything that you need is included. Otherwise, you’ll need to purchase it separately.

The next thing to decide when picking out your train set is to decide what scale set you want. Popular scales include N Scale, Ho Scale, O Scale, and G scale.

N Scale Model Trains are the smallest size of all the train sets. The scale ratio for N Scale Model Trains is 1:160. The minimum track circle for needs to be 24″ across. A typical box car for this scale is about 3″ long, and 3/4th” tall. This may be to small for very young children.

Ho Scale Model Trains are by far the most popular. The scale ratio is 1:87. The minimum track circle needs to be 69″ across. A typical box car for this scale is 6″ long and 1 ½” tall. This is the best choice for an all around set if you have the room.

O Scale Model Trains are best known as the electric toy train sets from the Lionel brand of trains. The scale ratio is 1:48. The minimum track circle needs to be 31″ across. A typical boxcar for this scale is 9″ long and 3″ tall. This is a great choice for your train set if you have the room. These are the most popular train sets for around the Christmas Tree.

G Scale Model Trains are the largest scale train sets. The scale ratio is 1:23. The minimum track circle needs to be 51″ across. A typical boxcar for this scale is 16″ long and 6″ tall. Because of their size, they need plenty of space and can be used indoors or as an outdoors garden railway

No matter what size Electric Toy Train Set you chose, you will be very happy with you purchase. Model railroading is a great hobby and something that almost everyone can enjoy.Toy Trains also make the perfect gift for someone, and you can get started with a set for very little money.

The other thing to consider when buying a model train set is that it is made by a company with lots of products. The best thing about buying a train set is that you can expand it in the future. Most sets are very easy to add new track to and you can get new trains to make a complete set. There is also a lot of different things that you can add such as train stations, vehicles, people and other accessories to make your layout life-like. Expanding your train set is a great part of the fun, and something you can do little by little to make a great and exciting model railroad.

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