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Are you one of those people that love to sit and watch the big locomotives push those little rail cars around? Perhaps you just really like riding as a passenger on a real train.

Have you considered building a model railroad in your home? It is probably something you would really enjoy. Watching your very own model train can bring a smile to your face everyday just like you’d get from watching or riding on the real thing. So, what’s stopping you? It’s a wonderful hobby for long-term fun and enjoyment.

When selecting model trains you will want to learn what your scale options are. To begin with you might want to try the Z scale. The Z scale is the smallest scale model train ever produced with a ratio of 1:220. If you live in an apartment or have very little space, Z scale is the perfect choice.

Another train model option would be the second-best selling scale world wide: N scale. This type of model has the ration of 1:160. This type of train model is compatible with the younger, internet savvy railroad modelers. So if you are one of those internet savvy types, then why not try getting the N scale model train.

The next model to choose from is the HO scale. The HO scale model train has a ratio of 1:87:1 and is the best selling scale in the world. The number of products and resources available for this scale is huge. One of the more popular brands available in HO scale is Kato. This is a just one brand among many that you can start with.

Another scale model is the O scale which has a ration of 1:48. This type of scale is the oldest and has been around for more than a hundred years. This type of model is made by manufacturers such as Lionel, MTH and Marklin. The O scale was first manufactured in Germany by Merklin at the turn of the 20th century. The scale 1:48 was chosen because they wanted it to be in proportion with their doll houses. The first ever model train was not powered by electricity and was a wind-up toy back then.

Next, there is the 1:64 S scale model trains. The S scale came to be as a response for more realistic rendering of trains. This particular model adopted higher detail in its construction and form.

Then there is also the T scale. Introduced in 2006 and is considered to be the smallest model train sold commercially. All T scale models are battery-powered with an output of 4.5V DC at best. For better power pickup, the cars contain magnetic wheels which connect to the track’s steel rails. Standard sets come with two powered cars positioned at the middle of the train.

Indeed, there is a large variety of model train scales to choose from. From collectors and hobbyists to beginners there is a model train for everyone. The key here is to know as much as you can about model train options and see which one best fits you. If you like realism and detail, you can opt for the complex models. But if you are just starting out, there are many beginner sets that you can work with.

For more information about getting started you can check out this train video or learn more at Model Railroad Scale.