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Hornby model train sets are ideal for collectors as well as rail enthusiasts and with the introduction of new model train sets like the Thomas and Friends collection they are also an ideal way to start a child’s love affair both with model railways and with the incredible and historical Hornby brand. The first clockwork Hornby train was manufactured in 1920 and ever since that date, the brand has been synonymous with the production of high quality, durable, long lasting, and incredibly detailed model train sets, trains, track, and accessories.

A Proud History
What started as the production of a single clockwork train has grown to encompass many other items, accessories, and sets. The 00 gauge Hornby track has become one of the most highly collected and sought after railway items in the world and while Hornby primarily manufactures and distributes its products in the UK there are collectors all around the world that are eager to get their hands on some of the more illustrious collectors’ items.
New Models

New models of train and whole new Hornby model train sets are released regularly. These often include updated versions of existing models but may also give additional features to your current set up. Diesel and electric locomotives are considered some of the newer additions to the product range and these have already proven to be very popular with collectors.


Attention to detail is important to the Hornby name. Train sets such as the Special and Exclusive sets not only offer top quality engineering and manufacturing but they are also accurate scaled down models of some of the most famous locomotives of all time. The Flying Scotsman, the Sheffield Pullman, and the Cunarder train pack are just some examples.

Hornby Model Train Sets
Hornby also produce a range of Hornby model train sets that are geared towards children as well as collectors. The Thomas and Friends train set is a very good example but there is also a Toy Story 3 train set and a London 2012 commemorative train set to mark the Olympics being hosted in the city of London.

Hornby Offers gives collectors and enthusiasts access to competitive prices on Hornby model train sets and other accessories including some of the latest and most innovative of Hornby products.

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