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When someone says model trains, one name inevitably comes to mind, Lionel model trains. If you had a train set as a child or if your parents put one up around the tree at Christmas time, odds are it was a Lionel. The Lionel train has been around since 1901.

Believe it or not, the original concept was actually done to be a display in a department store. It was only natural that they quickly evolved for home collections as everyone was simply fascinated with the technology. As electricity was not yet something that was featured in most homes, the first editions were actually powered by acid filled batteries.

As electricity became readily available, Lionel was right there to incorporate this power source into their collections. They released their O scale and it was an instant hit. Being the perfect size to set up on a table in the basement or around the tree, people were flocking to buy them. It was at this time that Lionel started to create the reputation that they still hold onto today.

While there are some trains that require a lot of work to get rolling, Lionel is not one of them. If you don’t have a track in place, you will obviously have to put it down, but otherwise they are ready to go as soon as they come out of the package. Your trains will be rolling as soon as you can get them home.

The Lionel model trains post war engines and cars have become some of the most sought after collectibles in the world. Not just train enthusiasts but art collectors and antique buffs realize the historic value in owning one of the cars or even a complete set. The older models were made from very heavy gauge steel and weighed in at about 4 pounds for the locomotive alone.

People that are starting out in a hobby are often confused by what brand they should buy. There are so many different companies to choose from. Because of this very reason, Lionel model trains are always a safe and smart bet for the beginner as you can be assured that you are getting quality merchandise to start off your collection.

From locomotives to freight cars, Lionel still makes a complete line of trains and train set accessories. Available online and at almost any hobby shop or toy store, you will find exactly what you need when shopping for that perfect gift for the child in your life, even if that child is you.

For a surprisingly simple introduction to model railroading, sign up for the Toy Model Train Secrets Mini Course. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about Lionel model trains, take a look at Lionel Model Trains.

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