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If you are looking for model train track plans you will find an almost unlimited number of resources to choose from depending on the scale of your train. There are even track layout designs for very large, fully functioning, trains at 1/4th to 1/8th scale sizes!

While many regular hobbyists have a hard time wrapping their mind around these large scales, there are many land and homeowner’s who buy this size. Actually, more than you may think. There are many different track layouts for these large working train scales. It really depends on what your property is like.

The larger the land available, the greater the number of layout ideas. You could have a train pick up guests at the front of your property, load all their luggage and off you all go!

You can show them at leisure the many things you have added to you land, that barn and corral for your horses or other livestock. You could show them your garden plot as you go by and finally end up at your house.

You can use these scales to transport materials or products around your property as well, sometimes even more cost effectively than using 4-wheelers or small tractors. If that size is just too much for you, no worries.

There are also large scales like O and G that are large enough for many outdoor “garden” settings. These layouts can be highly detailed and blended into your landscaping.

Some pictures available depict trains going around outdoor layouts with models of Mount Rushmore, Devil’s Tower, or even some mountainous settings. For anyone who enjoys the versatility of this scale, the layouts are only limited to their imagination.

HO Scale model trains are one of the most common scales used by train hobbyists. The layouts and plans for these are so numerous that it would take weeks to look at just the tip of the iceberg.

HO scale has a multitude of accessories. Whether you are looking for buildings, scenery, vehicles or figures, you won’t have any trouble finding what you are looking for. You certainly won’t run out of layout designs for tracks and landscaping. Whether you want a city landscape, a mountainous setting with lots of trestles and switchbacks, or something in between, you can find it.

You can look at the many illustrations found online, but these won’t really give you any kind of details, other than what you can see. Many train enthusiasts use layout design books. These come with complete instructions for each layout, plus detailed diagrams of each.

Plus, you have supply lists right there so you will know exactly what you need to build a layout. Layout books can be found online, in some hobby stores, and even at your local libraries.

If you decide to buy one, you don’t have to worry about having to return it and risking the possibility of it not being available. You can just put it away until it is needed again.

When choosing a layout, you will need a strong base or “benchwork” as it’s called. There are many prefabricated modular units that lock into place and come apart easily if you need to move them. The only real drawback to these is you have to be more careful where you put the layout so that the break won’t be in the middle of the track.

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