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Many people think that the N scale model railroads are smaller than they can deal with. N is a small train, only 1:160 the size of a life size engine, and half as small as the more popular HO scale.

It’s true that this size shouldn’t be used by children under 5 at any time, and from 5-12, under adult supervision. It is a harder unit to deal with for people with large hands, poor eyesight, and arthritis, but other than that, anyone else can easily handle this scale.

There are many advantages with N scale trains. The first thing right away is that many of these models run on batteries, with no need to have them plugged in.

While these don’t perform as well as electric models, you have less to worry about. Because these trains are small and lightweight, they are ideal for people who like to run long strings of passenger or freight cars.

One of the biggest advantages of N scale model railroads size is that hobbyists who don’t have a lot of space, or like to take their trains and display them at shows, can have at it with this scale. It is perfect for small spaces, since many layouts can be set up on tables less than 8’x4,’ and in fact can be fully set up on spaces quite smaller.

These can easily be transported from one show to another, without having to take them apart all the time. You can store them in smaller spaces, and pack up nice and neatly.

Anyone who says there aren’t very many accessories hasn’t had very much experience with this scale. It’s true that you may only find a limited amount when going to a local retailer, but there are many basic sets available, even at these outlets.

You can also find this scale at toys stores, and mass-marketing retailers. You will find an abundance of websites, dedicated to these trains, and track styles, but also for scenery, trees, shrubs, and figurines.

There are whole sets of accessories offered, from landscaping, buildings, and figurines, all just right proportions to the size of the locomotive and cars.

The holidays bring lots of excitement, and with these trains, the holidays are king. There are many sets just made for Christmas time, with buildings that play music, real working lights and even festive locomotives and trains.

Some of these steam replicas even emit real puffs of smoke and have festive bells and whistle sounds, all operated on batteries, or easily plugged into any outlet. Some of these festive sets are even offered for under $ 100, and in some cases, just around fifty.

A simple web search will reveal lists of thousands of pictures and video of sample layouts, from actual train enthusiasts. You can plan your track strategies from these, or sit back and think of you own imaginative layout designs.

There will be no trouble finding locomotives, cars of all descriptions, and enough scenery to last a lifetime. It won’t take long before you are up and running, commanding your trains to your heart’s desire.

Written by Clint Spille, a model trains enthusiast who enjoys blogging about the World’s Greatest Hobby.