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Here we have a Custom Model Railroad HO Scale Coffee Table. This table is a large piece of furniture custom milled in Cherry for our client in Florida. This piece measures 5’5″ Wide and is 7’5″ Long.

The table itself features double ended pocket doors. These pocket doors feature glass shelves with L.E.D.’s at one end and solid doors on the other end. The top section of this table is completely open and will have a 3/8″ thick tempered glass top. This top is capable of sustaining the weight freely between the frames while providing an unobstructed view of the layout.

This table can be moved anywhere utilizing six heavy duty rubber wheeled casters mounted below the frame. This system has been designed to operate via DCC with over six independent lines and two turnouts. The system will feature the Faller Road System, Cable Car system and a variety of animated LED’s. Designed for a fall season our custom casted rock systems will contour the steep geography while offering geographical contouring. In addition, there are eight bridges on the system spanning a proposed water fall area leading into the river below.

The system is currently under construction and will be completed soon. Phases IV and V will address landscaping and micro-detailing. Please stop back soon to see the additional progress before heading south to Florida.

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The A.E.R. Group Team

Custom LEGO model of the Canada Line rapid transit train (SkyTrain) in Vancouver, Canada on an elevated layout both indoors and outdoors!
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