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In this second video of a series on model railroad photography, we discuss Image Stacking which is a simple technique used for achieving reasonably sharp overall focus throughout the entire image.

We talk about the process and how it produces reasonably sharp focus overall by using multiple images that are blended into a single image with the help of software. We cover what you need and how to go about getting started. A new segment called “Sidetracked” (video within a video) is near the end of the video so be sure to watch the entire video.

Layout featured is the Official Trackside Scenery display layout. Modeling scale is 1:48 and trains are On30 gauge (O Scale narrow gauge). The layouts shown are portions of both, the old layout and the new layout.

This video is not intended to be an instructional video on how to operate your camera, how to set up your shooting environment or the use of the mentioned software that is necessary to perform this technique. It is assumed that a person attempting this technique will know how to or learn how to perform the task of shooing photos with different focus spots (focal points) from the same camera location. It is also assumed that a person can download, install and learn to use a software program. It’s Easy!

In this video I show you a micro tip for model railroad photography lighting solutions on a budget. Using clamp lamps with homemade filters can be a great way to provide nice photography lighting solutions with out breaking the bank.

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*2 Clamp Lamps
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