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Welcome back to class! In this episode of MR101 we take a look at early diesel locomotives. We discuss some information about how they work, and there is also a fairly detailed look at several types of locomotives – even hydraulics and turbines.

Another great primer for beginners, and a great reminder for someone with a little more experience. You might learn something new that you didn’t already know!

Production note: it was brought to my attention that the segment in this program on F units contains inaccurate information. Our presenter plagiarized, verbatim, incorrect information that was published to Wikipedia in his script when this program was released; so it would behoove you to check with more accurate sources if you need precise information. I apologize for any inconvenience. I have chosen to leave the program on line because it is still effective at providing enough general information to pique someone’s interest, and should still be effective at encouraging others to learn more.