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What better way to spend time at home during the global pandemic than to set up a bunch of model trains!

I converted my dining room in to a huge train yard so I could fit quite a few of the trains in my collection in to one shot. This isn’t every locomotive and piece of rolling stock I’ve collected over the years, but it’s most of it.

This video focuses on my favorite model train, the Santa Fe Super Chief from LGB, but you’ll also see quite a few of my other model trains running at the same time.

We don’t live with model trains running through the house like this everyday, of course. This layout existed for just three days before I put it all away (and brought the dining room table back out where it belongs).

Whenever I spend the weekend making videos like this, there are ALWAYS crashes. If you stick around through all six minutes of this video, you’ll find a compilation of this weekend’s crashes at the very end.